Sustainable Ocean Summit



Sustainable Ocean Summit

Ocean-Climate-Biodiversity: Synergies and Solutions for Ocean Sustainability

High-Level Sessions
  • Ocean Executive Forum: Signature SOS Multi-Sector CEO Panel
  • Ocean 2030: Industry Projections for the Ocean Economy
  • 30×30: Ocean Industries, Biodiversity and Protecting 30% of the Planet by 2030
Mediterranean Focus / Global Issues and Opportunities
  • Creating the ‘Blue Economy Leadership Alliance for the Mediterranean’ (BELA-MED)
  • Recreational Boating: Setting Sail for Sustainability
  • Developing Coastal Tourism Industry Leadership for Ocean Sustainability
  • Cruise Industry: Progress in Economic Recovery and Environmental Responsibility
  • Sustainable Ports and Shipping for the Blue Economy
  • Focus on Ferries and Sustainable Seas
Ocean and Climate
  • Blue Carbon/Ocean CO2 Removal: Responsible Carbon Sequestration Nearshore and at Sea
  • Coastal Infrastructure Adaptation for Extreme Weather Events: Ocean Industry Collaboration to Advance Resiliency
  • Expanding Offshore Renewable Energy in Crowded Seas
Ocean Data, Research and Technology
  • The Digital Ocean, Big Ocean Data and the Ocean Cloud
  • UN Decade of Ocean Science and SMART Ocean-SMART Industries: Advancing Ocean and Climate Data Collection from Ships and Platforms
  • Seabed 2030: Accelerating Ocean Industry Leadership on Global Seafloor Mapping
Marine Pollution
  • Port Reception Facilities: Solutions for Plastic and Marine Debris Disposal at a Global, Multi-Sectoral Scale
  • Marine Sound: Cross-Sectoral, Science-Based Solutions to a Global Issue
  • Ship Strikes and Marine Mammals: Practical Solutions for Ocean Industries
  • Biofouling, Invasive Species and the GEF-UNDP-IMO GloFouling Partnerships Project: Clean Hulls, Smooth Sailing and Biosecure Seas
Sustainable Seafood
  • The Role of Ocean Industries in Supporting Sustainable Seafood
  • Blue Foods: Scaling up Responsible Fisheries and Sustainable Aquaculture
Legal Leadership for Ocean Sustainability
  • Creating the Ocean Sustainability Legal Community to Support the Blue Economy

WOC is accepting proposals to co-organize and sponsor sessions for these and other relevant topics. For additional information or to submit a proposal, please email